Star Maker - Prince Hal and the Magic Firestone

Shooting star

About the Book

Prince Hal and the Magic Firestone introduces the Star Maker series chronicling the adventures of Prince Hal. He was taken as an infant to the elite Star Maker academy on a distant planet, to protect him from a terrible foe. But when the academy is attacked in an attempt to capture Hal, he must find four magical stones of unimaginable power that represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In doing so he will learn the secrets of his birthright – a cosmic prophecy to which he is the key – and defeat an evil and devastating foe known mysteriously as ‘The Dark One’. Along the way he is befriended by two New York teens, Charlie and Daisy, as they encounter unlikely allies and battle strange alien creatures. They must find all four stones which are carefully hidden by a series of clues. This is the first book in the Star Maker Trilogy which also includes Book II: Star Maker: Prince Hal and the Cosmic Prophecy and Book III: Star Maker: Prince Hal and the Battle for Earth. The complete series offers fantasy, excitement, suspense, geography, history, literature, compassion and honour.